Hello! I’m Roxy, freelance and full time artist from Spain.

I create fantasy art and mostly romance illustrations and stories. I am currently making a living from commissions and in my extra time I get to work on personal projects that I share on my Patreon website as WIPs and early access until I get things published either online or phisically.

If you’re interested in getting a commission for me, you should read my terms and conditions and check on my prices and types of work I do. You can also see my working schedule to check on the progress of your commission and others.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and projects! And if you do and would like to support my content, you might like to consider joining my Patreon to get exclusive access to what I create and at the same time you will allow me to work on more original content! More support means more content each month!

In case you’re not interested in a monthly support, you can always just buy me a coffee so I can get some more work done today <3

Thank you very much for reading!