Hi! I’m Roxy!

Good day dear visitor! My name is Roxana but please call me Roxy!

I love animals and natures, so one of the things I wish I can do more often is visiting natural places with my dog, Odin.

I am also very passionate about art. Art to me is an essential piece in my life. I’m 90% of my time in the mood to draw, and when I’m not, it’s probably because I’m feeling sick and I physically can’t do it!

Art is a very important part of my life. It’s my purpose, and it was quite clear since I was 2 years old. The problem was that my parents they didn’t see it.

Oh! That’s me!

I was guided to study science, so at age 16 I kind of had to stop drawing. Stopping drawing had… a quite negative impact in my life. I started to have problems with anxiety and depression. Drawing was the one and only thing I could do to keep me happy and feeling alive.

Now after 8 years studying programming and working as a programmer, which I didn’t enjoy, depression stroke even harder and my therapist told me I should embrace who I am, now that I am an adult and no longer depend on my parents. And I did.

I left my job and became an artist in May 1st 2019.

I’m writing this 1 year later. I’m still a freelance artist, working full time and trying my best to make a decent schedule for me because if it was for me I would just work from the morning to the late night.

I am truly happy to have achieved my goal, to have beaten depression although I still have to work on my social anxiety a bit. But everything comes at it’s time!

Thank you very much for reading and supporting me so far!

Esta actividad está siendo posible gracias a la subvención del Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud.