My new little office! - Part 2

Making Of / 01 January 2020

Things are going forward, yes! The ceiling is done, at least the solid one and the inside decoration, we'll see about the outside once my room is ready :D

Sooooo... yeah, now we will be working on the interior, working on the walls (plasterboards and cork) and then I'll show you pictures when I start paiting the room, probably pink and one wall will be a blackboard hihihihi... :D





My little new office!

Making Of / 16 December 2019

Hey guys! 

We are working on my new little room where I'm going to move all my stuff that I use for art! This is very exciting! I'm going to show you a little bit of the process until now, and in a few weeks I'll show the updates :D

It all started because me and my boyfriend needed personal space, because right now we work in the same room, both of us being most of the time at home. So I said: we have lot of space in the lowest floor where our garden is. Why don't we turn that space into 3 rooms?


Here are a few pictures of the process until now! And this week we will be working on the ceiling and roof, but I'll tell you about that soon~




General / 02 October 2019

I'm called Roxy, from Roxana. Born in Romania and living in Spain since I was 10 years old.

I always loved drawing, since I was a little girl, but my parents thought of it as a threat to my future, so they didn't allow me to study arts. I had to draw on my free time, which it wasn't much, and even less when I started important school: programming, software engineering.

I had to make my parents happy, so I finished part of my studies and got a nice CV and job applications. I started working as a software developer for 3 years, then I moved in with my boyfriend and I finally got to quit my job and become a freelance artist.

And here I am. Trying to make my dream come true!