Commissions for November [CLOSED]

Hey guys!

Thank you for passing by! If you’re here I suppose you might be interest in getting a commission from me, so I’ll explain how to get one at this moment.

I am opening the list to save commission slots for November.

November10/10 (ALL TAKEN)
P.D. Slots will be saved in order of payment.

Also, just in case you wanted a commission for October, remember: October is already full because the reservations for that month were made in September so that list is already closed!

About the commissions in October

As I mentioned, October is already full and the priority goes for the commissions that waited the longest time on the list! So I will try to follow an approximate payment order.

I think that’s all, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me either through email or if you have my contact somewhere else (telegram, discord, FA…), you can talk to me there!

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