Hello! Thank you for passing by! If you’re here I assume you might be interested in getting a commission from me. Please don’t get overwhelmed by the information here, if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me right away, I will be happy to solve your issue the best way I can. I wrote information to cover different needs when it comes to getting commission so not everything that is written here will affect you!

Thank you very much for the interest!

How to get a slot

  • Contact me and tell me what kind of commissions you want.
  • I will then tell you the final price. If you are good with it, we go to the next step:
  • I will need your paypal address to send you an invoice.
  • The slot will be saved the moment you pay the invoice.
  • Al the fees are included in the price so you don’t have to pay any extra: paypal fee, currency conversion (if needed), taxes I need to pay, etc…

When I open commission

I open a commission slots randomly when I’m halfway finished with the current commissions bulk. I don’t have a speciffic date to open commissions slots so you might want to stay close to either my website, patreon, furaffinity, twitter , discord (my discord server)… There I will announce when I’m open for commissions.

I still suggest that if you’re interested in a commission, you could ask me personally reaching me through my social media or the email in case I might have a slot for you.

When will you get your commission

I can finish your commission between 3 or 60 days, it really depends where you are on the list and how complex your commission is. Some commissions are done in a single day, for others I need several days, and sometimes, specially for comic pages, I need inspiration to come to me, so for better quality I will need more time.

Please don’t rush me. It’s alright to ask me how’s it going, although I always send wips, so if I don’t share wip it means there is no wip to show. If I have trouble with your art, I will tell you. So there isn’t really any need to ask me because that rush will only make me hurry to finish your art faster and you will get a worse artwork for being unpatient.

So, time to complete your commissions is max 60 days. If I take longer without telling you, THEN you have all the rights to ask me what is going on. Even if I need extension I will ask you, anyway.

Get your commission sooner

If you’ve got a slot but want to get the commission done at a speciffic date, now it’s possible but you will get charged certain % more for this service.

First you would have to tell me what commission you are interested to get. Depending on the details and date you need it to be done, I will have to see IF I CAN get it on time or not.

The cost for this service would be:

  • Get it in max 30 days: +15% of the commission’s total price.
  • Get it in max 2 weeks: +30% of the commission’s total price.
  • Get it in max 7 days: +50% of the commission’s total price
  • Get it in max 3 days: +70% of the commission’s total price

All these options totally depend on what you are asking me to do. For example:

If you want 3 comic pages in max 3 days, I’m afraid that will be impossible. But 3 comic pages in a week? sure, but you will be charged +50% of the 3 comic pages total price.

Extra costs

Save a slot even though commissions are closed (+30%). By paying this fee you will be added to the waiting list so as soon as commissions are open, you will get your slot. You must pay ASAP because I don’t start working until the commission is fully paid.

Urgency (+50%). Is it your birthday? Or a friend’s birthday? Do you need a commission very very soon? No problem! For this extra fee you will get your art done in max 7 days.


Right now the only way to get discounts on your commissions is by becoming a patron.

  • LvL 1: -5%
  • LvL 2: -10%
  • LvL 3: -15%
  • LvL 4: -20%
  • LvL 5: Get comic page or 2 characters illustration for 90€/100 USD

PRICES for regular commissions

Sketch – 50€ (55 USD)

30€ (33 USD) for extra characters.

Colored Sketch – 60€ (66 USD)

40€ (44 USD) per extra characters

Illustration – 70€ (77 USD)

50€ (55 USD) per extra characters

Semi-Realistic – 90€ (99 USD)

70€ (77 USD) per each extra characters.

Reference Sheet – 60€ (66 USD)+(extras)

Basic ref sheets include:

  • Colors reference box for character and clothes
  • Text (name, height, species, all the text you need!)
  • Nude version, you can ask for SFW and NSFW versions.
  • Front view of the character

Extras you might need:

  • Back view of the character [+40€ (44 USD)]
  • Close-up detail [+10€ (11 USD)]
  • Set of clothes [+25€ (28 USD)]
  • Set of hairstyle [+15€ (17 USD)]

PRICES for backgrounds

PRICES for comic pages

  • One page: 150€/165 USD
  • Two pages: 270€/296 USD (save 30€/33 USD)
  • Three pages: 400€/438 USD (save 50€/55 USD)
  • Four pages: 500€/548 USD (save 100€/110 USD)
  • Five pages or more: 100€/110 USD per page

These prices don’t apply for commercial commissions. For business, please contact me and we will discuss prices.


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