Commissions are open on day 1 of each month and will remains open until all the slots that I decide are covered.

I accept commissions in the order o payment. How to get a slot?

  • Contact me and tell me what kind of commissions you want.
  • We will discuss the price. If you ae good with it, we go to the next step:
  • I will need your paypal address to send you an invoice. If you don’t pay that invoice in 5 days, your slot will be given to someone else.
  • If you need more time to pay, you can save your slot by paying an advance of 50% if it’s a commission under 200€, or 20% if it’s above that.
  • If you order duing the last 5 days of the month, you have only until the end of the month to pay. If you don’t pay the invoice in time, you loose the slot of that month and get one for the next time.
  • You will get the commissions someday around the first and last day of the next month AFTER you did the payment

Example: You pay in may 2020, I start the commission in june 2020 and you will recieve it before the end of the month.

PRICES for regular commissions

PRICES for backgrounds

PRICES for comic pages

  • 1 page for 100€
  • 2 pages for 190€ (95€ per page)
  • 3 pages for 270€ (90€ per page)
  • 4 pages for 340€ (85€ per page)
  • >5 pages for 400€ (80€ per page)

These prices don’t apply for commercial commissions. For business, please contact me and we will discuss prices.


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