Learning about comics!

I’ve started a paid course about comic creation and narrative that lasts 18 months starting from now. It’s very complete, and it’s a great opportunity for me because I couldn’t get to Fine Arts school, so I must find my own way into this world.

The course will teach me everything, since the creation of a story to using traditional techniques to draw comics and illustrations with ink and watercolors, to create a script and to plan all the pages that will form a comic. I’m really excited and I’m hoping to learn a lot from this experience.

In the end, I will get done a 100 pages traditional comic of an original story that I will create.

I don’t have much to show you right now but I’ll be back as soon as my materials from this course arrive (ink, papel, pen, etc)!

If you’re curious you can follow all the process and everything I do at this course by joining my Patreon (Scholar tier)! I won’t give you a course! But I will share wips and tips!

Thank you very much!

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