Lyslan Stories: Elodie’s Sorrow

Elodie’s Sorrow is the first story from the light novel that I’m creating together with Rosario JimĂ©nez Roque.
These stories were created by me around 8 years ago. The characters are very dear to me and I always wanted to give them a proper closure. Since I’m not a writer, I’ve been having a hard time trying to write an actual book about them, but after a lot of struggle, my friend Rosario hopped in and decided to help me with the writing!

So the stories and characters belong to me, I’ve been telling her the stories, shared all the art and the information I had written in the last 8 years and together we managed to finish the first story: Elodie’s Sorrow.

Yes indeed, the story is fully written but not all illustrations are finished. I’m going to upload on Patreon one chapter per month both in Spanish and English, so you can enjoy Elodie’s story without waiting until the book is finished and printed.

How can you get access to read the PDFs?

  1. Join the SCHOLAR ($5) tier in my Patreon.
  2. You can either read it on our Discord server or wait to recieve at the end of each month the rewards pack at your email!

Thank you very much!

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