New working tools!

These aren’t exactly fresh news but I wanted to share my new art study room and my new computer and graphic tablet <3

First of all, I’ve changed my Wacom Intuos S for a Wacom Cintiq 24″ HD! I honestly didn’t plan to do such thing because it’s very expensive but I got a nice grant from the government for becoming a freelance woman under 32 years and the money had to be invested in tools for my job, in my case, for art.
I bought the Cintiq, an XPS 15 Dell laptop (replaced my old tower PC omg) and an Ipad Pro 12.9.

And remember the new studio we were working on? Well, quarantine hit hard BUT my room was almost done! I didn’t get to buy the door and some plugs but it was done enough so I could move in. Here pictures of old room (I used one of the bedrooms!) vs new room (which is basically in the garden~) 😀

See, I have no door so I am using a blanket pffft hahaha… but it was totally worth it! xD

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