Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions or for business inquiries please send me an email at art@roxy-hana.com

Process Flow

  • Fill the form with all the information requested.
  • I will answer giving you the final price.
  • If you agree, I will send you the PayPal invoice link. I do not need your paypal address.
  • Pay the invoice
  • Slot will be saved for the next month after the payment.


  • I will start working on your art the next month after you have completed the payment.
  • Please, do not ask me how your commission is going. If I have a WIP to share, I will share it, but if I don't it means I either haven't started yet or I haven't advanced on it.
  • You piece can be done any day between the FIRST and LAST days of the month it was scheduled. Please, don't rush me.
  • I have a single slot commission per month that assured delivery in max 7 days. The cost is 200€ and you can get a complete inked and colored comic page with max. 6 panels, or an illustration inked and colored with simple background of max 2 character (3 if one is mine!).
  • If you need it earlier, please just let me know.
  • If I happen to need more time and your commission might get delayed, I will inform you as soon as possible.


  • The payment will be done through PayPal invoices ONLY. I do not request the paypa address anymore as I will send you a link to the invoice itself.
  • You have 3 days to complete the payment. Meanwhile, the slot is saved but if past that time you still didn't pay, you might loose the slot if someone else claims it.
  • I work with EUR (€)

Commercial Use

The art is for commercial use if:

  • It's a cover/ inner illustration for a book you'll publish.
  • It'll be used on any other product you are going to sell/make money with. (art for games, posters to sell, etc...)
  • You'll use it for marketing, for flayers and other publicity.
  • Basically, if the purpose of the art is to get benefits, then it's for commercial purposes.
  • The extra fee for commercial use is +40% from the final price of the commission.

Rights on the art

  • The commissioned art is for personal use unless you have asked for commercial usage and paid an extra fee.
  • You cannot resell the art I created for you.
  • Credits are not needed but are very much appreciated <3
  • I have the right to use the art for my portfolio unless you specifically ask me to keep it private.

Cancelling and Refunds

  • You can ask for a refund withing the next 3 days after the payment was made.
  • If you want to cancel the commission later that month, you will get a 60% refund.
  • You cannot cancel the commission the same month that it was scheduled to be delivered. 
  • If I decided that I cannot/ don't want to do your commission, I will cancel it and you will get 100% refund.


  • Make sure you have references of your character. I do not design characters on the way drawing the illustration. 
  • The reference can be any other art of your character in different positions as long as I can get a clear idea of how the character looks (It doesn't have to be a reference sheet!)

Details, artistic freedom!

  • PLEASE make sure to share all the details that are important to you BEFORE the month your art is scheduled for.
  • Vague details or lack of details will lead me to take artistic freedom on the piece. Once the sketch is donde, you may not ask for major changes on the poses unless I made a mistake not following your details. 
  • Changing small things is always fine, like a leg or an arm pose, expressions... but NOT the complete character pose.
  • If you ask for changes, you may NOT choose the previous version. You stick with the latest changes.

I don't draw...

✘ Robots/mechas, vehicles
✘ Reference sheets (taking a break from those)
✘ Complex backgrounds (like a city, a room design...)
✘ Minor/cub NSFW
✘ Exaggerated proportions
✘ Gore/Vore
✘ Rape
✘ Racist, extreme violence, hateful messages...
✘ Other artist's styles

I do draw...

✔ Feral and Anthro characters
✔ Kemonomimis (humans with animal features like cat ears and tail, paws...)
✔ Human-like characters (humans,elves,dwarfs,fairies, mermaids... any mythical creature)
✔ Fanart (my own style, so don't expect to get an exact copy of MLP style or Pokemon style!)

Ordering a commission from me means you agree to all of these terms.