• Payment will always be made upfront, that means you will not get the slot reserved until you pay the invoice.
  • Payment will be made through PayPal invoice. I will ask you for your PayPal email.
  • You must tell me if the art is for commercial use.

Rights over the art

  • The art you get from me cannot be used to get benefits. It’s strictly for personal use.
  • You may NOT sell my art, not copies of it, no prints, no posters!
  • I do not remove my signature from the commissions unless it’s for commercial use: book covers, inner book illustrations, for games, etc…
  • In case of commercial commissions, we will discuss the rights of the art in private.

Client’s rights

  • You may ask me to keep your artwork private by not uploading it anywhere, but you MUST inform me when you ask for the commission.
  • By default, I upload most of my art online for my portfolios.
  • You do not need to credit me all the time, but it is appreciated!
  • You can ask for all the changes you want during the sketching phase. Just in case, I will allow you a couple of days to look at it before I go for the lineart/cleaning.
  • You can ask for minor lineart changes during the lineart phase, and for minor coloring changes furing the coloring phase, but you may NOT ask for sketch changes when I’m already inking or coloring!
  • You may ask for minor correction for the finished piece as well. Small details that do not require going back to changes on the sketch or lineart.

Artist rights

  • I have total right to reject a commission for whatever reason.
  • I have also, total right to accept a commission and later cancel it if I see I’m not actually enjoying it or if I don’t feel capable of actually completing it. This, of course, will give you total right for a complete refund of it’s cost.
  • The art will always belong to me so you may not use it for commercial purpose (unless you bought it for that). You can re-sell the art if it’s in pack with an adoptable/character. But you can’t sell my piece alone to just to make money with it.

Complete and deliver

  • You will get your artwork the NEXT month AFTER the payment. It could be any day.
  • Please! Do not ask me how it’s going! If I have wips, I will share them with you. But don’t rush me!
  • Sure you can ask if the month when your piece should be delivered is almost over. Although it’s no need since I will let you know if I can’t finish the art on time.
  • You can see here the status of your commission.
  • I don’t start working on your commission until the NEXT month AFTER the payment!


  • You can get a refund if you ask for the in the next 24 hours.
  • You cannot cancel a commission after 24h, but you are welcome to change what you want to get drawn before I start sketching.
  • I can offer a refund if I see that I can’t do your commission properly. Sometimes I struggle too much for personal reason and I might need to cancel. You will get full refund if that happens.

When I open commission

I open comissions on the 1st day of each month.

Stay close to either my website, patreon, furaffinity, discord (my discord server)… There I will announce how many slots there are left and when I’m closed.

I still suggest that if you’re interested in a commission, you could ask me personally reaching me through my social media or the email in case I might have a slot for you even though commissions are closed. Sometimes I do accept extra slots without announicing.

When will you get your commission

You will get your commission the next month after you did the payment. It could be any day around that month.

You can check on the schedule and see the status of your commission here.

What if you need it sooner?

If you need the commission sooner and can’t wait until the next month, you will have to pay a little bit extra: +30% of your commission’s price.

What I draw and don’t draw


  • Robots
  • Weapons design
  • Adult+Children NSFW
  • Feral+Non-Feral NSFW
  • Too detailed backgrounds: buildings, cities…
  • Armors (plate armors as for knights)
  • A few kinks, ask me to make sure!
  • Cars, bikes, motocycles… and similar detailed things.


  • NSFW/Erotic
  • Furries/Ferals
  • Fanart
  • Fantasy characters
  • Characters reference sheets

When you ask for a commission, you are accepting ALL of the conditions mentioned in this page.

These terms might change in time, adding new ones or changing old ones.

Last time modified: Dec 4th 2020